The cóndor NFT with Calu Rivero

Cóndor Andino NFT
NFT del Cóndor Andino
octubre 2, 2022

Cóndor NFT

DIGNITY —— in collaboration with Gökottart — has announced the launch of its digital art solidarity collection to benefit the Andean Condor, which will be available in non fungible token (NFT) format starting October 8.

The Andean Condor, also known as the Condor of the Andes or Condor of the Hills, is considered a cultural and natural heritage of South America, being a national symbol in Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Bolivia and being present in the folklore and mythology of the Andean regions. It is one of the largest flying birds on the planet and is in danger of extinction due to habitat loss and poisoning.

Currently only about 6700 adult birds are found in the wild.

Using this number, Gökottart has created three animations of the Condor, representing different versions conceived by artist Jairolh portillo alvarez, including a short animated video in which an Andean boy faces the disappearance of one of his favorite birds.

Each of the three works will have 6700 copies, which will be available for purchase in digital format with a staggered release. In addition, a fourth Condor design will be added, thanks to which buyers will be able to enjoy a tour of Machu Picchu with different activities, including an exclusive trip to Machu Picchu to visit the Andean culture in a unique way.

DIGNITY –, better known as Calu Rivero, is an actress and model and has been known worldwide for her work in the television series Patito Feo. Among other artistic manifestations, she has starred in the music video “Todo está Aquí” by Julieta Venegas and has received critical acclaim as a two-time nominee for the Martín Fierro Awards. Firmly committed to ecological and social activism, she has demonstrated on numerous occasions her involvement as a defender of all forms of life and equal rights. With this new opportunity and using new technologies, Calu becomes an ambassador of this majestic bird, contributing her vision and entrepreneurship to support nature and one of the symbols of an entire continent. 

On the other hand, and also part of the project, Gökottart is preparing a new collection about the Eagle, which will have as ambassador the well-known businessman Aito De la Rua. More details about it will be announced soon.

Thanks to all the team that is making this project a reality David Martinez Calduch, Sylvia Albrecht, Emilia Sierra Guzman ,Javier Ares y Fran Vañó many more people that we will introduce you.

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